IdeaSquare fold-out map and case

CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research)


The designer wanted to surprise with a fold-out content map, measuring 50×80, and a case with very qualitative material. The challenge was to find a material with a sufficiently low paper weight. This way the folding would not crease and could be creased and folded on an automatic folding machine, without breaking it. Not all the papers worked, but after a lot of testing, we succeeded.
Case production: 2.5 mm Pankaster board lined on both sides with 191-y 115 g Anthracite Geltex paper and double bevelled edges.
Gold, black and glossy lacquered silk-screen printing.

Fold-out map on 80 g and 50×80 cm black offset paper. Selective screen printing varnishing of the base as the material was very porous and we needed to close the pore of the paper so that the inks would anchor well. Screen printed gold, black and gloss varnished.
Zig-zag and triptych folding, on automatic folding machine.



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